Along with Hong Kong, Singapore is a key financial hub in Asia, and it is also an active hub for business angels, perhaps more so than other Asian markets.

A study by the National University of Singapore stated that approximately 3.5% of adults in Singapore have invested informally in start-ups. The survey also looked at a sample of 165 local business angels, which is a fair amount for a region with a population of under 5 million.

Another key difference was that Angel Investors in Singapore tend to be younger, with the 25-34 age demographic being the majority for angel investors, compared to most countries - where business angels tend to be older. While investments are made in all sectors, another difference is that Singaporean business angels tend to invest more often in the retail and hospitality industries.

Business angel groups are more common in Singapore than neighbouring countries, and various angel investor groups have formed in Singapore during recent years. The government in Singapore also has programs that allow them to co-invest in start-ups, along with various tax incentives for angel investors. The Singapore branch of the Angel Investment Network seeks to connect angel investors with entrepreneurs based in Singapore and around the world, find out more about some of the business proposals available by joining out network. Investors can join for free.