Entrepreneurship is relatively common in Singapore, with the country taking pride in a sense that the country was built on entrepreneurial ideas that helped it become a financial and commercial hub. Reports cite that around 7% of the country's population takes part in entrepreneurial activity and that they are amongst the top countries in the world in terms of investing in businesses. Over 45,000 businesses were registered in Singapore last year alone, which is about 1 per 100 people.

With so many new entrepreneurs entering the Singapore business market every year this typically means there are a lot of opportunities to invest money in their new businesses since not all start-ups have a good source of funding.

Investing in Singapore Businesses

The government in Singapore also actively works with angel investors and start-ups on programs such as the Start-Up Enterprise Development Scheme (SEEDS). This was the first award to promote entrepreneurship in Singapore and has been active for decades.

This scheme has helped launch many businesses in Singapore, and once a business has proven itself as being viable and starts to grow then this phase is one of the points where it is common to look for outside investment to help expand the business further. Often, with banks either unable or unwilling to lend money to new businesses then this opens the market to venture capitalists and angel investors who are more than willing to step into the gap left by the traditional lenders.

Singapore Export Marketplace

Many local entrepreneurs have expanded their businesses, not only within Asia, but to markets in the Middle East and Europe. With a younger entrepreneur base than most countries, many students finish university looking to start a business instead of joining the ranks of an existing company.

With Singapore being such a key business hub into China and the rest of Asia it is common to find a lot of new businesses looking for funding, along with many willing angel investors seeking new opportunities in this region.

Due to Singapore’s location and focus on free trade many angel investors looking for business projects to fund, flock to Singapore since they understand that the marketplace offers a lot of opportunity for wealth creation.

Connecting Entrepreneurs with Investors in Singapore

Many entrepreneurs based in Singapore have joined the Angel Investment Network, where they can connect with angel investors, both locally and internationally. We are part of a worldwide network of sites where angel investors can find entrepreneurs that match their interests.

One of the key aspects of the Angel Investment Network is that it is a global operation which means that if you’re an entrepreneur based in Singapore your business can attract funding both from angel investors located in Singapore but also wider afield, from around the entire globe.

Alternatively, no matter where an Angel Investor is based, they can look for relevant projects and industries that interest them globally. The Angel Investor Network connects likeminded entrepreneurs and Angel Investors looking to partner together.